Dmitri Banshchikov

Hi everyone!

Looking for web-related developer position in a strong team where I can continually improve my programming and technical leadership skills.
🌱 I’m currently immersed in the study of .NET Core.

📫 How to reach me

Available for stage or employment starting 11‐Apr‐22.

I’d appreciate it if you could help me by getting my CV to the right person.


Project in progress

At the moment I am engaged in the creation and development of a large Russian-language web-site about immigration to Canada , as well as a network of landing pages.

Completed projects


Summary: Lookbook is a React web app for a social networking service. Users can upload images to the app. Posts can be shared with the public at large or with followers who have been pre-approved. Users may explore trending content and browse other users’ stuff via tags. Users may like and comment on photos, as well as follow other users’ content to add it to their own personal feed.

Team: Dmitri Banshchikov, Kevin Paul

Used tools and technologies: MongoDB, Mongoose, React.js, Express.js, Node.js, Tailwind, AWS S3, Heroku, Netlify

Visit the demo website: Be ready to register new user.

Source code:

What I have learned working on this project:

  • How to configurate a client-side JavaScript framework (React) and the JavaScript web server (Node.js)
  • Using MongoDB as database
  • Setting up Tailwind CSS in a React project
  • Deploy a MERN application in the cloud (AWS S3, Heroku, Netlify)
  • Testing the API

Sunny hotel

Summary: Sunny hotel is a Spring Boot web app for a hotel booking system service. The system supports the booking of different room types like standard, deluxe, family suite, etc. Guests are be able to search the inventory of available rooms and book those that are available. The system is able to obtain information such as who booked a certain room or which rooms a given consumer booked

Team: Dmitri Banshchikov, Lynne Lin

Used tools and technologies: Spring Boot, Bootstrap, Thymeleaf, MySQL, AWS EC2

Visit the demo website:

Source code:

What I have learned working on this project:

  • How to create and configurate an web Java application
  • Integrate MySQL Databases into Java software
  • Deploy a Spring application in the cloud (AWS EC2)
  • Proper programming of asynchronous calls
  • Compliance with issue tracking and version control procedures


Summary: DeliverEats is an online food ordering and delivery service for many different restaurants. The app detects the user’s location (or asks for postal code) and displays locations that are open and those that are closed at the same time.

Team: Bahareh Jabarzadnouri, Dmitri Banshchikov, Phil-Jonathan Arceno

Used tools and technologies: PHP, Slim, Twig, HTML, jQuery, CSS, Bootstrap, Trello, MySQL

Visit the demo website: Be ready to register new user.

Source code:

What I have learned working on this project:

  • How PHP, the Slim microframework, and Twig operates together
  • Create dynamic webpages based on PHP, Slim, Twig
  • Using MySQL as a database
  • Create a domain for the project and host it on it
  • Utilize Agile/Scrum methodologies, as well as Trello and Git

My Grocery

Summary: group project for a User Interfaces class. The project includes mock-up and design, DOM tree, HTML, CSS coding.

Team: Christopher Perrault, Dmitri Banshchikov, Guixia Zhao, Xiaoming Su

Used tools and technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX

Visit the demo website:

Source code:

What I have learned working on this project:

  • Use JavaScript for modifying the Document Object Model, event handling, forms verification
  • How CSS works behind the scene
  • Collaborate with others
  • Correct manipulation of DOM objects
  • Proper programming of interactions between the Web interface and the user

United Immigration Advocates

Summary: group project for a Web design class. This project is to design, develop, publish, and maintain a web site using recommended design practices.

Team: Anthony Decelles, Christopher Perrault, Christopher White, Dmitri Banshchikov, Norman Fried

Used tools and technologies: HTML, CSS

Visit the demo website:

Source code:

What I have learned working on this project:

  • Determine the web pages that will be on the website by sketching the navigation structure
  • Determine the content for each web page
  • Design the web pages by sketching the page layouts
  • Define the website and organize the files and folders
  • Create the web pages using an IDE


I have created several sites using CMS WordPress and Blogger:;;

I was in charge of the project of transferring  from one CMS to another (on the customer’s side) when I worked for Svet telecom trade.

I created all the pages of (not working rn) and filled them with content when I worked for Streamline Ltd.


CEGEP – John Abbott College
2021 – 2022
Attestation of College Studies, Full stack developer (Internet Programming and Development)

Sources Adult and Career Centre
2018 – 2019
English Language Classes

ACCESS, Adult Education Centre of the Riverside School Board
2017 – 2018
Starting a Business, Attestation of Vocational Specialization

Université du Québec à Montréal
2016 – 2017
Programme UQAM-MIFI : francisation et intégration des immigrants. Cours à temps complet.

Belarus State Economic University (BSEU)
1995 – 2000
Bachelor’s degree of Economic science, Finance and credit.

Finished courses:

Acquired skills and tools:

  • Web development: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Tailwind
  • Programming & scripting languages: JavaScript, Java SE, PHP, C#
  • Frameworks: Slim, Twig, Node.js, Express.js, React.js, Spring Boot, .NET
  • Libraries: jQuery, Project Lombok, Formik, Yup
  • Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Version control & teamwork: GitHub Desktop, BitBucket, SourceTree, Trello, MS Teams, Zoom, Discord
  • IDE: Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, IntelliJ IDEA
  • Tools: Postman, XAMPP, cPanel, PHPMyAdmin, MySQL Workbench
  • Methodologies: Agile
  • Cloud Administration & Security: AWS, Azure, Heroku, Netlify
  • Unit testing : JUnit
  • RESTful API

Course in progress:

420-JP3-AB Integration into the Labour Market
420-WF4-AB Application Development I

Future courses:

420-WG4-AB Application Development II
420-WH6-AB Integration Project
420-W18-AB Internship
420-JE5-AB Web Development II


English (working proficiency), French (elementary proficiency), Russian (native proficiency)

Other skills and tools

  • Enjoy manipulating data
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office; Ragic! (cloud database software); 1C:Accounting; Yandex.Direct
  • Know major aspects of SEO (search engine optimization)