About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and provide services to make immigration to Canada as simple and straightforward as possible. Wherever a newcomer can run into cultural, legal, systematic or otherwise troubling situtaions, we aim to use the power of our network and volunteers to mitigate these problems.

How We Help

We assist by providing a variety of services, education, and, most importantly, advocacy for those who have decided to make Canada their new home. We have a wide range of immigration programmes, including work and study opportunities!


We have accomplished and facilitated in the successful immigration of thousands of families and refugees as they relocate to Canada. Thanks to our work we are proud recipients of the Bob Hope Humanitarian award!

Plans for the Future

Plans for the future include being as well prepared for crisis leading to an influx of refugees as possible. We are hoping to meet goals to be able to offer more services at the quality level we have continued to demonstrate throughout the years.

How You Can Help!

More importantly, there are numerous ways for you and your community to participate! Donations, volunteering at fundraisers, and even opening your home and becoming a host family are just a few ways to get involved and share Canada with the rest of the world!

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