Beautiful things happen in community: passions ignite, ideas form, and great things happen when we work together. Our mission is to create the best opportunities for local cultural communities and many of you have given us valuable feedback on how we can make that happen and suit it to your specific needs.

United Immigration Advocates is all about working together in a strong community with a shared goal and a common purpose can make everything happen.

We believe the way to move forward is through community and by listening to your needs.

Upcoming Events

Community Relations Officers build collaborative relationships with local communities of various ancestral heritage in many ways, including regular meetings, special sessions with specific and targeted agendas, educational presentations, email dissemination of communications materials, fundraising events, banquets, community gatherings/festival, and phone conversations.

If you would like more information on events in your area or you are interested in partnering with us to host an event, please contact your regional Community Relations Officer or give us a call at 1-(514)555-5555.

You can also reach our event planning division at Please note that the aforementioned email address should be used for questions about outreach events only. We are unable to respond to specific questions about your case. For all questions not related to outreach events, please see the Contact Us page.

See our main upcoming events below.

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Past Events

Previous most recent notable events.

Sikh Community of Parc-Extension Banquet

Films can help spark all kinds of interesting conversation and debate—and we’ll proudly take any opportunity to showcase Sikh-Canadian filmmakers. In past years, we’ve hosted the Sikh International Film Festival (SIFFT), screening a variety of international films dealing with issues and themes of particular interest to the Sikh community. The Foundation has plans to make this festival a regular feature in Montreal. Stay tuned.

Gala Petit Italie

Little Italy was still dominated by fields and farmland as recently as 1900. That history lives on in the Jean-Talon Market, originally where neighboring farmers gathered to sell their fresh produce. Today, it’s a hopping, bustling place to wander about, shop, munch on street foods and more: a place for people and culture to come together and celebrate one another.

Canadian-Palestinian Foundation of Quebec Fundraiser

The Canadian Palestinian Organizations Coalition promotes the human rights, health, well-being and culture of Palestine. The CJPME Foundation believes that all peoples should be able to enjoy human rights, and live healthy and productive lives. The CJPME Foundation is especially concerned about the rights of aboriginal peoples, both in Canada, and elsewhere around the world, and strives to sensitize Canadians to the challenges facing these peoples. Finally, the CJPME Foundation wants to serve as a conduit for humanitarian aid when Canadians wish to reach out in compassion to a vulnerable people suffering under war, occupation or a natural disaster.

Centre Culturel Kabir Fundraiser

Kabir Centre, established in 2002, is a Montreal-based arts organization with a focus on South Asian Classical Arts. It has a social vision of promoting harmony among the South Asian communities and building bridges with the larger Canadian society. Its activities are: - Music and Dance Concerts. - Arts appreciation sessions.

Amitiés Québec-Venezuela

An association whose main objective is to promote all cultural, social or other related activities to further enhance international relations and cooperation between Quebec and Venezuela. These activities bring people together through a sense of unity and serves an opportunity to learn from one another.

Comité Canada Tibet Banquet

TCCC celebrates Tibetan Heritage Month with their second event after His Holiness’ grand 86th birthday celebration. Due to the current pandemic provincial guidelines, we are not able to host any large events outside. However, we are celebrating our cultural heritage month virtually this year. A one-of-a-kind event venue located in the west Toronto region provides excellent spaces especially for large gatherings. You will not find similar spaces in Toronto region for the fee we charge.

Conseil des Relations Interculturelles Awareness Gala

Intercultural relations and cross-cultural exchanges are complex. This activity guide seeks to provide opportunities to reflect on this complexity, while at the same time facili- tating participants’ ability to make distinctions and develop higher degrees of intercultural sensitivity.

Association Ukrainienne d'Aide aux Nouveaux Arrivants Fundraiser

Since 1991, a modest but growing number of immigrants have come to Canada from Ukraine, largely because of the country's political and economic instability. From 2001 to 2016, Canada welcomed 40,015 new permanent residents from Ukraine. Commemoration of First World War Concentration Camps.

Access Asie 2021

Access Asie picture

Since the late-1700s, people of Asian descent have made important contributions to Canada's history and identity. Each year, as part of its annual Asian Heritage Month campaign, the Government of Canada encourages Canadians to learn about how Canadians of Asian descent have and continue to help shape Canada.

Canadian Red Cross Banquet

The Canadian Red Cross is a leading provider of first aid, water safety, health and wellness programs and has been offering training to Canadians for over 70 years. We offer a wide variety of courses for the general public, workplaces, schools and organizations.

Greek Community Festival

Greek Summer Festival in Laval. Despite the blazing heat, Greeks coming from Laval and the Greater Montreal Area participated in the big summer Greek festival organized by the HCGM Laval Regional council. The event lasted four days, from Friday, June 29th to Monday, July 2nd. For over 100 years, the HCGM has continuously been representing proud Quebec citizens of Hellenic Origin, who have settled and continue to settle in the greater Montreal area.

2020 Awards Ceremony

The Culture and Heritage awards (formerly the City of Nanaimo Cultural Awards) were established 1998 to recognize excellence in arts and culture within the community. 2018 Marks the 10 year anniversary of Nanaimo being recognized as a Cultural Capital of Canada. The Awards Ceremony will be held on Thursday, April 5th at the Port Theatre.

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